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The photo is Sophie Pearl, for whom this blog is named. She's one of 3 kitties that share my life with me.

I'm a Graphic Designer, though at this time, I am underemployed, and trying to find my niche.

One of my favorite things to do, besides travel through all the beautiful blogs out there, is to create things with my hands. I love embroidery, three dimensional collage, sewing crafts and anything else I can get my hands on. I make all my own 18th century clothes, which I enjoy doing by hand as much as possible (long, hidden seams get the machine treatment!).

I guess I have Adult ADD, because I have a gazillion projects in my head, half that many started, and only a few that get finished. I'm learning how to enjoy the journey, instead of feeling guilty about the particular way that I seem to travel.


my son and grandson, mixed media, textile, paper and needle arts, celtic and traditional american music, period novels and movies, my 3 cats, digital collaging